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Parcl Labs Price Indexes

Updated every 24hrs, tracking the median price per square foot of residential real estate.

Real World Property Values

Updated every 24hrs, Parcl Price Feeds represent the Median Price per Sq. Ft. of a given city or MSA market based on real world property values changing with every reported residential property sale.

Data Partnership with Parcl Labs

Parcl Labs aggregates public property records, public property listings data, county records and a variety of other sources – 200+ sources – for real-time residential real estate transactions – and historical – on a global scale starting with the United States. Parcl Labs utilizes their data aggregations to normalize residential real estate transactions to create price feeds – median price per sq. ft. – for any geographical area in the world.


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Parcl Price Indexes

Updated every 24hrs, each Parcl Price Feeds represent the median price per sq. ft of a given city or MSA. Changes in price are based on real time updates from reported real world residential real estate sales, listing information and other verified data sources.

In other words, as residential real estate properties are being sold and reported – Parcl Price Feeds are also updating to reflect real world property values in real-time.

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